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HMRC performs random investigations on businesses as well as because they have identified a specific reason that gives them cause for concern. This means that any business can be the subject of a rigorous and relatively unpleasant investigation that without expert defence could result in them getting trampled over by HMRC.


It may be through no fault of your own or your accountant’s that you get selected for investigation however it is vital that you have an expert on your side that understands how HMRC operates.


FD Business ensures that HMRC stick to their own internal guidelines without overstepping the mark.   You will be guided through the enquiry process so that you understand what is happening and what the processes are.


The Penalties

HMRC can impose various penalties following an enquiry for undeclared income.   Not only will you have to pay the tax owing but as a penalty may also be asked to pay an amount up to that of the tax owed, effectively doubling your tax bill.  In addition, if payments are late then interest will be added on as well.  FD Business can help minimize these penalties.


Anti-investigation Scanning Checks

At FD Business we know what the triggers are that can prompt an HMRC enquiry, this means we can assist in avoiding being investigations into your affairs for other reasons.

Each time we submit a Tax Return or set of accounts to HMRC, we perform an anti-investigation scanning check to flag possible areas for concern, picking these issues up at this stage dramatically reduces the risk of you falling foul of an enquiry.


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