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FD Business has the expertise to help with a variety of tax disputes. Unfortunately in every-day business there are occasional circumstances whereby HMRC and the taxpayer will disagree.


Tax law isn’t always as clear as it could be and where this is the case FD Business will be happy to put forward your case in the strongest way. Many rights are afforded to the taxpayer and FD Business believe it is important that HMRC does not forget this.


Beyond full tax enquiries and investigations there can be all sorts of disputes that may arise.


FD Business has the knowledge and experience that allows us to help in many tax dispute situations such as:-


  • Employment status disputes
  • Repairs v capital disputes
  • Private usage adjustments
  • Capital allowances - is it plant or property?
  • Settlements legislation - the classic husband and wife company scenario
  • IR35
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Is it a trading activity?
  • VAT segregation of businesses to avoid registration
  • Employee benefit disputes

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