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Running a business is time consuming and often doesn’t allow for adequate time to plan.  This can all too often lead to business owners and managers simply relying on intuition, making hasty decisions on the spot and generally riding the rollercoaster.


Whilst this approach appears to work for many entrepreneurs, research proves that organisations that follow a strategic plan stand a much greater chance of success, sooner.


FD Business’ strategic planning service helps to:-


  • Agree on long-term strategic goals both personally and for the business
  • Identify the stage at which your business is
  • Work on the business so that business owners can spend less time working in it
  • Identify blocks in the strategy
  • Agree an operational strategy to overcome blocks and meet set goals
  • Develop business growth systems
  • Grow a great team of people
  • Monitor results against goals
  • Manage the money in your business
  • Develop an exit strategy


The result is an agreed and workable Action Plan.


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