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FD Business enables any organisation to reap the invaluable benefit of having an experienced Finance Director working for their business on a flexible, part time basis.  Now you can afford a senior finance director with significant business experience for a fraction of the cost that a full-time Finance Director would command.


Our Finance Director services include the following:-

  • Highly experienced senior Finance Director at a fraction of the cost
  • Flexible, part time option if your organisation is unable to afford a full time Finance Director
  • Identification of underlying financial problems in your business
  • Fast solving of those problems, approaching any issues head on
  • Development of a more efficient finance function within your company
  • Strategic, hands-on experience of a highly qualified FD
  • Every area of your company’s financial function, including current and future requirements, is reviewed to give a comprehensive overview
  • Clear plan of action to ensure no underlying financial issues within your company impede business growth and development going forward
  • A better understanding of your company’s accounting financial management, due diligence, business planning and strategy
  • Enabling you to simplify your business processes helping to bring full financial control to your organisation
  • Allow you to be in a much stronger position to manage your business more effectively
  • Formation of a clear exit strategy when the time is right

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