The Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accountingHave you ever had a call from your accountant or had a niggling voice saying it’s time to complete your accounts or file your tax return? When this happens do you feel confident that everything is in order or do you feel a mild sense of panic?

Don’t feel guilty if you fall into the latter category, try to simplify the process so that it causes you less stress.

Simplify your Accounting

FD Business are a Bronze Partner of Xero which is one of the world’s leading cloud accounting software providers. For as little as £5 a month you can subscribe to take advantage of the benefits of cloud accounting.

By managing your accounting in the cloud with a software package like Xero you will reap a number of benefits.

About Xero Accounting Software

• Xero connects you and your accountant to your business’ numbers
• You and your accountant can view the same numbers in real time easing communication
• Xero is mobile; raise and email invoices on the go
• Invoices can be paid on the go ensuring you get paid quicker by your clients
• Xero automatically connects to your bank account allowing you to see immediately who has and hasn’t paid you and how much cash is in your account
• Xero is online, so you can access it wherever you have an internet connection, with unlimited users
• Being online it is regularly updated so no need to keep updating software
• Xero is regularly backed up, another job saved
• Xero saves time so that you can focus on running your business
• Xero has a simple dashboard showing how much you owe and how much is owed
• Xero allows you to raise professional invoices with all the necessary legal information and email them direct to your customers for immediate payment, which improves cash-flow

Using Xero through FD Business gives you unlimited phone and email support plus our monthly newsletter including tips and hints on Xero and general accounting and taxation issues, for the same prices as going to Xero direct!

To find the right option for your small, medium or enterprise sized business take a look at our range of Accountancy Packages and contact us to get set up or have a friendly chat to find out a bit more.

FD Business can assist with all accounting and finance issues that affect the day to day running of your business. We have experience of all types and sizes of businesses. If you would like a free no obligation consultation to see how we can help your business succeed please contact us.
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