Surviving Brexit

Brexit has caused much anxiety for many businesses over the last few months and continues to do so. Here’s our brief guide to surviving Brexit to keep confidence levels high during these tough times... Now that the UK is on its way out of the EU, it’s important to keep your business afloat and not let market fears get in the way of running it successfully. There are a few things that can be … [Read more...]

A Practical Guide to RTI (Real Time Information)

Real Time Information came into effect in April 2013 and is mandatory for employers who run a PAYE scheme for its employees and/or directors. When introduced it was the biggest change to payroll since 1944 when PAYE (Pay As You Earn) was introduced. RTI is a reporting system to inform HMRC of pay, tax, National Insurance and other details. RTI doesn’t affect how PAYE is calculated or when … [Read more...]