5 Tips for starting your business on a shoe string

Starting your business is exciting but also daunting. Many businesses are started whilst the entrepreneur has another job or business so as to mitigate some of the risk. There are many ways of reducing the cost of setting up and establishing a business before the financial risk becomes too big to handle. 1. Work from homeFinding affordable work space suitable for your business locally can be a … [Read more...]

20 Finance Tips for Start-ups

The road to start-up success is lined with opportunities to fail, in fact, 9 out of 10 start-ups fail and, aside from making a product which no one wants (which one would assume you’d done your market research prior to launch), the main reason for this massive number of start-up failures is lack of cash! The following list should help would-be or practising entrepreneurs navigate the financial … [Read more...]

Save up to 18% Capital Gains Tax with Entrepreneur’s Relief

Are you looking to take advantage of Entrepreneur’s Relief? You have spent valuable time and effort in nurturing your start-up or business into a successful operation and are now planning your exit strategy. When you sell your business you will be liable for Capital Gains Tax at the rate of 18-28%. However, under the tax rules of Entrepreneur’s Relief you can reduce this amount to just 10% … [Read more...]