Pension Changes 2015 and Wealth Succession

Next month heralds the biggest pension changes in almost 100 years. As of April 6th 2015, individuals over 55 will be able to choose freely what they do with their accumulated pension wealth. The new pension changes to The Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 mean that individuals will now be able to cascade their wealth down to generations of their family in a tax efficient manner if they so … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Save Property Tax with a Limited Company

Top 5 Ways to Save Property Tax with a Limited Company If you’re a property investor then it can be financially efficient to use a Limited Company in order to minimise Property Tax, the detail can, however, be complex. We’ve put together our top five ways that a limited company can minimise the impact of property tax. Low Tax Rates Small limited companies currently only pay tax at … [Read more...]

Self-Assessment January 2015 Tax Deadline Imminent

December is one of the busiest times of year ahead of the January 31st deadline for self-assessment tax returns to HMRC so it is unfortunate that the tax helplines provided by HMRC have been deemed ‘not good enough’ according a recent survey by Which?. This highlights the fact that whilst self-assessment is supposed to be simple to complete yourself, this is often not the case. Self-assessment … [Read more...]

What gets measured gets managed

"What gets measured, gets managed" - Peter Drucker This well known phrase is often attributed to top business management consultant and business leader Peter Drucker; frequently cited as being the ‘founder of modern management’. The phrase has also taken the form, ‘what gets measured gets done’. Identifying and tracking personal or business goals and objectives is the foundation to … [Read more...]

Starting a business

Starting a new business is both exciting and challenging. Before you begin trading however there are a number of important decisions to make to ensure that your business gets off on the right foot and is best set for success. Before setting up your business, consider the following key questions: What type of business should your business be? There are several structures that your business … [Read more...]

Growth Voucher Programme

The Growth Voucher Programme is a government run scheme that is set to benefit small businesses. By enabling small business to get professional, strategic business advice it is hoped that they can become more proficient in the following areas:- • finance and cash flow • recruiting and developing staff • improving leadership and management skills • marketing, attracting and keeping … [Read more...]